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7 Light-Hearted Tips to Help You Relax When You are Feeling Overwhelmed

Sometimes it feels like we live in an online game or a dystopian film - our world feels slightly surreal, full of unpredictable occurrences and uncertainty.

And even if you are trying hard not to listen to the news or dwell on the negativity - sometime you cannot help it but overhear stories - stories that might make you feel sad. And sometimes you cannot help it but feel stressed out and overwhelmed because well, life happens.

But trust me, it is quite normal to experience those emotions. That's what human beings do - we feel for other people, we worry, and we stress out.

A little bit of stress is actually good for us, according to a research. It helps us to avoid a total self-destruction, it helps us to move forward. Daniela Kaufer, associate professor at the University of California, Berkeley put it this way:

“Some amounts of stress are good to push you just to the level of optimal alertness, behavioral and cognitive performance.”

But too much stress is not beneficial at all, as it can lead to severe anxiety and burnout.

Hence it's essential to deal with too much stress as soon as possible.

Here are my 7 light-hearted tips to help you relax when that uncomfortable sticky feeling of overwhelm is breathing down your neck. It should form part of your self-care routine, so make sure you do not neglect it:

1. Take a walk with a difference

Go for a walk but choose a different route to the one you normally take.

Walking is one of the best ways to clear your head. It's my favourite way for sure.

But a walk as a mean to help you refresh your heads is one thing. The main and primary reason for a good unorthodox walk is to help us break the cycle of negative thinking and fear that might lead to burnout.

So try choosing a route that you are not very familiar with. Forcing your brain to work a bit harder on how navigate you across the unfamiliar terrains will help it to stop thinking other unhealthy thoughts.

Do not use your phone map if you can. Have it as a backup plan. But allow your whole body to be fully preoccupied with a task at hand.

2. Watch or Read Something Funny

Pick the funniest or the most ridiculous film you could think of, be it Zoolander or Pitch Perfect - and watch it!

I love reading 'Damn you Autocorrect' extracts when I am feeling stressed. I start giggling uncontrollably after a few minutes.

It might not eliminate the feeling of overwhelm completely. But it it will give you a short breathing space - which might be enough for you to start thinking in a more relaxed manner.

Talking about breathing, breathing exercise might be able to help as well.

3. Stay Active

Go for a jog or a run. Or choose another physical activity, such as cycling. But choose something relatively active to give your heart a good work-out.

If you can't go outside, there are other types of activity you can try, such as yoga and pilates, there are myriads of classes available online.

Or try progressive relaxation technique recommended by NHS, also known as Jacobson's progressive relaxation technique. This practice is easy to perform. It involves tensing and then relaxing certain body parts to release tension in them. This method encourages mind to relax as the body muscles become less tense.

4. Have a Little Boogie

Even if you don't feel like it or if dancing is not your thing - try it anyway! If it does not do anything else - at least it will boost your happiness hormone .

But listening to an upbeat music and dancing might give your body a good workout and get you into a new frame of mind. And this, in return, might help to break the vicious circle of negative thoughts, which is a great benefit it itself

5. 'Polish Silver' or Do Something Unusual

You don't have to actually take out your grandma's silverware and start polishing it. Unless that's what you fancy doing.

The purpose of this activity is to snap you out of your negative thought processes by doing something repetitive but unusual.

I, for instance, don't like cleaning my car. I do not do it very often. Our car just remains slightly dusty until we take it to the car wash.

But if I am feeling slightly overwhelmed - my car gets such a good polish! It works because I apply slightly different thought processes - I need to thinks about the steps I need to take.

But at the same time, it's not too difficult or strenuous that I would make myself worse off mentally.

Yet again, this task also serves as a body work-out and helps to relax your mind.

6. Lie Down and Daydream

Lying down and doing nothing or daydreaming might be tougher than you think - but you persevere! It's worth it!

Find a quiet space. Make yourself comfortable by acquiring horizontal position (as in lie down).

Lie there for a few minutes, trying not to think about anything. It's called Savasana in Yoga Practice - an asana or a pose used to relax and re-energise your body after a more challenging pose.

Once you have mastered Savasana - you might want to start daydreaming about something pleasant, such as your last holidays, your future holidays, your childhood holidays, etc.

There are real benefits to daydreaming. Read about them in my article 3 Ways Daydreaming Could Be Good For You.

7. Take Some Time Off

If everything else fails - take a day off or two.

But follow these simple rules in order to gain real and lasting benefits from your time off.

  1. Limit phone usage to a minimum

  2. No social media or checking your email

  3. No TV - especially no news!!

  4. No news (this point is repeated as it's important to watch no news)

  5. No cooking, no tidying up, no cleaning (buy ready-mades or take-aways, treat yourself! You deserve it!)

Rest or do what feels right but with as little effort as possible.

  • Go for leisurely walks

  • Meditate

  • Journal if you feel like it

  • Drink your favourite tea

  • Watch the rain/the sunrise

  • Read something light or inspirational (don't read anything sad, controversial, negative, challenging - not this time, leave it for the day you've sufficiently recovered)

When you feel rested enough and the feeling of overwhelm has sufficiently subsided - you can start reintroducing other activities into your daily routine:

  • Cook something fancy.

  • Go out for a long walk or run.

  • Read something more challenging.

That's it from me! But you could also try more powerful and actionable tips to help you feel less overwhelmed.

Do you have your go-to activity when you are feeling slightly overwhelmed by things around you?

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