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Use a concept of fake it till you make it to gather new insights

Is fake it till you make it a real thing? Does it work or is it one of the way to delude yourself?

As a project manager with 15 + years of experience, I know that there are projects and tasks that no matter how you position them are boring or monotonous. Think spreadsheets, long meeting notes, or endless client calls.

So that's when I would use fake it till you make it approach. Or try and find at least one thing that you might enjoy about the task. For example, if it's endless spreadsheet you need to complete, use it as a medication practice because unless you love math and finances and numbers in general spreadsheets will seem boring. But paraphrasing boring to meditative gives it a brand new lease of life. You can breathe deeply, listen to relaxing music and turn it into an enjoyable and useful task that you might even start looking forward to. I know I do.

Or imagine you have the longest client meeting there is. Half of the meeting has nothing to do with you but you need to attend as you are part if the crew (sigh). So instead, if counting minutes until the next break, why not try and genuinely get engaged with the conversation. If not every speaker or participant ensues excitement, choose one and follow that one person, his or her comments, body language, choice of words, and overall message.

You will be amazed at how much you will learn at the end about the subject and human psychology. And imagine those endless possibilities this new information might bring? You might suggest something valuable to your boss and get noticed for an upcoming promotion or propose a new strategy to your client and be inundated with new respect. Or you could apply those snippets into human psyche at the next family gathering and avoid an inevitable conflict.

Do you use fake it till you make it technique? What are your thoughts and experience with it?

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