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Get excitement going to achieve goals in the midst of life storms

Sometimes, just sometimes, life has different plans for you, takes everything over, covers you with a massive unexpected wave of whatever and all you can do is run with it.

for those kind of moments, days and weeks you need something unique to get you back in the game even if it’s for a few minutes.

my go to trick is ‘artificial excitement’. Well, no, don’t get me wrong, excitement is real but kick starting it is slightly unnatural. I sometimes imagine myself a heroine of a cartoon when he or she is sad one moment and happy the next.

but it’s necessary because just like with low blood sugar level, unmotivated, exhausted human body requires slightly unorthodox revival methods. Because if you don’t continue working on your dreams, goals and plan during tough times, you might end up diprioritiding it for either good or much later. And then something else might creep up.

so the simple tactic is to get excited about your project like it’s Christmas. Use visualisation techniques, put happy music on, have a bit of chocolate (not too much, as it might create a sugar slump after a while). Open your project and start working on it while those endorphins are flooding your system. Be it 5 or 20 minutes of work it does not matter. As long as you do something, you are achieving something, moving towards your goals and not allowing life obstacles to take over.

Because sometimes when we have all the time in the world, we procrastinate or thrive for ultimate perfection. Being squeezed for time, there is a good chance we might achieve more than expected, as long as we jump into the task at hand with gusto.

whst not to do during this special excitement endives spring?

  • dont do any planning or replanning

  • no social media or checking emails

  • no tidying up desks or shelves or digital drive

use this time wisely. Cherish it and make sure it helps you to move forward not stay in stagnation and self pity because life is so hard And unfair, it’s called being in a victim mode, and we don’t want it.

if it’s an article you are writing - 5 days of mini sprints - and you have it. The same with the book, 5 days might give you a chapter. If it’s a painting - you’ve guessed it, you’ll have it in 5 days or continue for another 5.

when you start complaining that 5-20 min is not enough to get into a so-called flow… screw it, seriously. Who says you need more than a moment to get into the zone? Those little happy hormones should trick your brain into thinking you’ve spent enough time getting there. Just keep trying and don't give up even if for the first few days all you do is complain time is of an importance.

let me know how it goes. In my case it work almost without fail. And I feel quite rejuvenated afterwards, ready to face the world even if it throws another toddler’s sickness bug into the mix, I can do it and my dream project!

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