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Create Your Own Magic By Setting Goals And Achieving Dreams

You don't need to believe in Magic for it to come into your life. All you need is to have dreams and goals and an action plan to make them happen. One step at a time.

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Magic is not about wizards and witches. And it's not about rituals and spells.

Magic is about believing in yourself and in the power of your own actions. And this simple belief in yourself is what will turn a simple day into a magical one. Because unless you have dreams, unless you know what you want, unless you are relentless about achieving your goals - you won't create that sparkling magic, will you? A life without goals and dreams might allow you to enjoy yourself from time to time. It might even give you a few euphorically delightful days. But it won't create magic.

Goal setting is what creates magic. It is indeed a secret ingredient. Dreams are fuelling our desires. They force us to act. They push as to create.

Let's imagine for one second that you do have special magical powers that allow you to conjure up anything you wish in the whole wide world. What would you like to have? What would you like to happen? Let's go down the materialistic route. Let's imagine you'd want a big luxurious house, just like the one Kim Kardashian lives in. You'd also want a car she or someone else you admire drives.

Imagine yourself in that house, in that car. Amazing, no? Smell the smell of a brand new super expensive leather seats, feel the furnishings, swim in that energy.

Now imagine you've been living in this house for months. You've been driving this car for months. What do you think will happen? Do you think you'll continue to be deliriously happy? No, I don't think so. The chances are you'll be bored witless with your new life, your new routine. Because as humans - we get used to everything. Especially to things that come to us so easily, that we don't even feel connected to.

Even rich and famous tire of everything. They get very bored if they don't have a dream that makes them jump out of bed in the morning. Only having a goal and going after that goal will bring a true contentment to your life, whether you are an average Jo, or Angelina Jolie. When you have a goal, then even when boredom temporarily sets in, you'll know that it's only temporary. You might even enjoy that moment of boredom - because, paradoxically, it feeds creativity.

So why don't you create your magic yourself right this very moment by taking a pen and paper or opening a digital notebook. Now write down your crazy dreams. Do you have your goals already defined? Note them down. Now think about how you can achieve those goals, what steps do you need to take to make them come to life?

Do you dream about losing weight and fitting into that 'size whatever' dress? You might wish to wake up that size one day as if by magic. Or you might promise yourself to start that 'eat-nothing-for-months' diet that will make you hate yourself and your entire life. What if instead you think of small achievable steps that would bring you closer to that dream day at a time?

Could you reduce your portion's size? Oh yes you could, it's easy. Simply replace your usual plate with a smaller one, and you won't even notice how you'll start eating less. But no seconds!

Could you reduce the amount of sugar you are eating? Oh yes, you could! Replace sweet sugary chocolate with dark, healthier option. And do it slowly. Are you used to Mars bars et al.? Why not try a 50% dark chocolate gradually moving towards 70% or even 90%, if you and your taste buds are brave enough?


So, as you can see, we create our own magic every day. Magic is part of our intentions, and it is easy to bring it to life. If our intentions are more than thoughts about what's on telly tonight. Or if our intentions are intertwined with goals and actions - then we can make the magic happen.

Goal setting is what separates an ordinary mind from extraordinary. Dreams and ambitions are secret sauces of our tomorrow. And no matter how much money or support you have from the beginning, unless you have dreams, goals and desires your life most likely will remain magic-less.

Now go and try it for yourself. Create your own magic. Create a life that you want and deserve.

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