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Saved by the Cat: a Flash Fiction about True Friendship

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

A drawing of 4 cats sitting around to denote a theme of this whimsical flash fiction about a cat saving someone

“I cannot do this anymore. I am tired. Nothing makes any sense. And nothing makes any difference. I’ll just stay in bed.”

Those were her words. I am telling you. The minute I heard her, I thought, here we go again. Because remember last spring? Yeah? Exactly! The same old.

At first, I wanted to shake her out of a funk by pooping in her shoes. That would have enraged her. Brrrr! I tried it once before. Instead, I peed in her sleepers. She just picked them up and threw them in the bin. She said nothing. Not a word. Didn’t even look at me. And that’s how I knew it was bad. Worse than all those other times.

I tried to engage her in a game by throwing my mouse up in the air and catching it. The best game ever, right? She ignored me.

I purred and snuggled up. And I only do that on very rare occasions, as a special treat. I have my standard. She simply held me and looked out of the window.

Then my food stopped appearing. That was the last straw.

She would sit on that sofa for days on end. She stopped showering. She stopped leaving the house. I chewed the landline wire sometime ago, but she just left it. I threw her smartphone cable under the sofa; she didn’t even try to find it.

So I had no choice. I had to do something.

When I fell out of the window, I made sure she was looking at me. I made exaggerated loud noises as if I was fighting someone or trying to catch a bird. When she met my eyes, I let go of the window ledge. And I fell. 4 storeys down.

But before I fell, I noticed something in her eyes. For the first time in weeks. They looked alive.

I didn’t mind the pain. I had to do it to get her back.

The rest is history. She took me to the vet and sat by my bed for days. She gave me injections and fed me from a syringe. I have a broken leg and I am a bit shaken inside, but I am fine.

She kept apologising every day as she nursed me back to health. She promised never to let her life go to waste because of some jerk that left her.

-Wow, Ginger, you must really love your human so much to do what you did.

-Well, I don’t know about love, but I really like those cans of food she buys me.


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