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Useful resources, self-care and beyond

What is self-care?


Or rather, what does it mean to you?


For me - self-care is about living MY life. The life where I remember having dreams, ambitions, and being happy and fulfilled.

Overall, self-care could roughly be divided into five types: physical, emotional, psychological, professional and spiritual. There might be more, such as social, financial and environmental. But I have also invented a new one - whimsical self-care - where I am allowed to be silly, believe in the power of nature, words and create pure magic around me to live a joyful and fun life. 


Whimsical self-care

The most important self-care. This self-care is through play, creativity and whimsy. It's about remembering your dreams, not taking yourself too seriously and using the language of metaphors and associations to communicate with the world.

Modern Love

Emotional self-care

This type of self-care is about acknowledging our boundaries, knowing our limits and being aware of our emotions.

Oil Painting

Psychological self-care

Psychological self-care is all about extending our knowledge, challenging ourselves, practising mindfulness and engaging our creative talents. 

Working Together on Project

Professional self-care

It's all about thriving professionally, including using your skills and talents, providing the best you can give to others, and looking after your needs, personal and professional.


Spiritual self-care

Spiritual self-care is about having values that are unique to you. Cherishing your beliefs and knowing your truth. It's also about meditating, reflecting and self-gratitude.

Yoga at Home

Physical self-care

It's about looking after our bodies. How can we do that? By making sure we take good care of it; by introducing breaks and me-time, eating a nutritious diet and by getting enough sleep.

A photo of a girl looking happy because she is taking good care of her needs
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