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18 Whimsical Habits to Turn an Average Day into Your Dream Day

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Magical tips to live your dream life today.

A whimsical drawing of a girl with a kite @vicbwrites

Do you feel like you live in your own version of the Groundhog Day?

Every day you get up and you do something. Every day, you tire yourself out, but in the evening you realise that you have achieved little: the laundry basket is still overflowing, the garden is drowning in weed and your hair is still unwashed.

And most importantly you feel unsatisfied, sad, tired, grumpy. Add your own here.

I wonder if it's because you are trying to live your life as if it's some sort of challenge course:

  • You need to run fast towards that finish line

  • You need to jump over myriads of hoops and loops

  • You need, you must, you ought to

But in reality, you need to feel content with your life.

You need to go to bed with that sense of overall satisfaction dreaming about all the things you are yet to do.

A hamster wheel sort of life is not for us. Let's leave it for our furry friends. We need to live life to the fullest. And that's what I want to share with you today - tips and ideas to make your life more like your dream life.

Sprinkle your life with one new idea at a time or use them all at once. It does not matter. As long as you are willing to add some magic to your life one day at a time.

So general ideas and time management tips offered in this article will be unconventional. If you are interested in turning your life around towards enjoyment - read on. If you are after yet another productivity quick fix - sorry, wrong site.

18 Magical Secrets to Turn Your Life into a Blissful and Fun Journey

Let's go and design your dream life.

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much." - Jim Rohn

1. Have a unique morning ritual

Create a morning ritual that would herald the beginning of an amazing new day.

Buy a cup or a mug that makes you feel excited to hold it in your hands. It could be about the colour or the texture or how heavy it feels.

I love chunky cups and nothing makes me happier than having my first morning sip of coffee from a cup like that.

Or maybe you could start your mornings by opening the window and breathing in the fresh morning air. Maybe listening to the birds singing their morning song would make the start of this day special.

Or how about stretching in bed and looking at something pleasant for a few minutes? If you are woken up unceremoniously by your little kids - instead of getting grumpy with them, grab them and tickle till they giggle. That will lift everyone's mood and make this day feel cosy and exciting.

2. Turn on the light

Especially in the winter months, lift your mood and start your day on a positive note by turning as many lights in your room as possible. You don't need to leave them on for long. Just a few minutes should be enough to lighten up your day.

Fairy lights or scented candles might do the trick. Turn your room into a magical fairy land and you will create a dream day that you want to sip slowly like a glass of a very good wine.

3. Kiss or hug someone

If you don't live alone, grab your loved ones and give them a hug. Hug your dog or cat. Hug someone. Hugs will flood your body with hormones of happiness. And that's exactly what we need to have a good day.

If you live alone, send a text message to someone you love or care about. Send them a virtual hug and wish them a good day. A message back could be considered a hug.

Imagine you are being hugged by someone. Or hug yourself because you are amazingly huggable.

4. Put something bright on

Go through your wardrobe and find the most colourful item of clothing. It could you your grandmother's from, so what.

Wear it! Feel those bright colours seeping through the fabric into your soul, making it lively, sparkly and joyful.

If you don't feel like leaving the house wearing super bright clothes - take them off. But carry that feeling inside your heart. Let that rainbow of colours be your little secret for adding a bit of brightness to your day.

5. Change something in your day

You know how we tend to follow the same routine day in and day out? Instead of following your usual routine, introduce something new to your day.

Do you go to work by car? Take a train instead. Do you have lunch at the same cafe? Buy something at the shop and go for a walk instead.

Now notice all the surrounding things. What do people on the train do? Are they mainly happy, sad, sleepy, bored?

Give them a new life. Imagine what they are thinking or where they are going. Make up a fun story about someone looking bored or sad.

6. Say something unusual

We could change the usual monotone atmosphere at home, in the office, at a cashier's desk by saying something nice or random or funny. Try it.

When you pay for your sandwich, instead of your standard: "thank you", say: "merci" (or use any other language).

Trust me, the casher will notice you and this simple word will give a new direction to the cashier's thoughts and yours as well. It will lift both of your days.

Or when buying coffee, say out loud: I hope it's pina colada! Cheesy? Yes! But the images your brain will conjure up! The sun, the beach, the holiday mood!

One unusual out-of-place word and how many possibilities!

7. Buy yourself flowers

Brighten up your day by giving yourself flowers. Choose a flower or a bouquet that you would not normally go for. I love tulips but if I buy flowers for someone I'll opt out for roses as they are safer. And if I want to surprise myself, I might go for something as unexpected as a sunflower. Because it's so yellow and ridiculous that you cannot not smile when looking at it.

Or maybe get flowers and gift them to someone outside the shop, someone who's looking sad or in need of a simple "cheer up" gesture.

8. Help someone

Find someone you could help - whether a colleague, a friend or a random person. It might be someone online asking questions. Answer it. You will feel so much better after doing it. This random act of kindness will carry you on its wings throughout the day.

Being useful is a magical potion not many people are aware of. Take a helping every day and your days will turn into pure magic.

9. Swap your thoughts

Every time something negative creeps into your thought process, say thank you, but no thank you, and replace it with something more positive. Or neutral.

If I am worried about my child having a bad day at childcare I might feel sad. But it's not very helpful as I cannot help my child to settle in and find new friends by being sad. So I stop myself and think: "I'll give her the biggest hug when she gets home." And I feel better straight away.

If I think: "I won't be able to finish this." I'll rephrase it: "it's great that I can do this tomorrow as well!" And tomorrow I might actually enjoy it for real.

10. Plan your ideal day

Once a month or so, allow yourself to live a day from your dreams!

But we need to plan it to make sure it happens, and it is what you want it to be. Spend some time understanding what you really want.

How will you know? The chances are you've been looking after everyone else's needs and forgot to listen to your own.

You need to notice that tiny voice within your soul that makes your body tingle and your heart sing with anticipation. Do you know the one I mean? It's the voice of your true self, the self that knows what you want and need.

Spend some time getting to that feeling. Meditate or journal or draw. Whatever tools you feel comfortable with. But make sure you follow your heart's desire and not something that someone else said you should do.

Once you know what it is - plan it.

For me, my ideal day for today (mind you, every week my soul might desire something else) would be a solitary walk in nature followed by a lunch or coffee in a cosy cafe where I could people watch and finished by a visit to an art gallery. Yum!

11. Do something fun

When was the last time you jumped on a trampoline like you are a careless child? Or danced to the sound of the bongos that are playing in your head? Long time ago? Well, we need to change it.

Drop whatever you are doing and do something short but fun. Watch a cat video, sing a song, tickle your husband. Just do it!

12. Visualise your downtime

Be prepared to have more fun! Go though your Facebook bookmarks or notes or whatever you are using to keep track of activities and create a list of things you'd like you to do.

I love Pinterest as it's visually exciting and every time I save an activity my body tingles with anticipation because I see a picture and read what it is. And all together it translated into something amazing. Scrap booking is another way of keeping yourself organised in a soul enriching way.

13. Turn your chores into a game

Create a meal plan

There are so many people earning their money from creating meal plans and easy to make recipes. Follow some of them on the social media - print out the ideas and try them out - one thing less for you to think and worry about.

Bulk buy frozen or ready-made foods for when you don't feel like cooking or for chores free evening. Indulge yourself and enjoy!

Plan your housework

Download a chores timetable, adapt it for your household and follow. You do not need to overthink household tasks. Don’t sweat the small things — use someone else’s ideas and free up your evenings for something more fun. Or turn your household chores into a fun game for the entire family to partake.

14. Capture your dream ideas

Make it a habit to save/bookmark/write down inspirational ideas, thoughts, future projects or business ideas. Today you are busy with things. But tomorrow you might want more. And if you've already started costuming whst that more might be, it will be even easier to make it a reality one day.

Capture any crazy idea that comes to mind. You never know what you might do with it in the future.

15. Work on Your Dream for 5 Minutes a Day

Even if you only have 5 free-ish minutes per day, decide to work on your dream then. It does not matter that you can only complete one sentence of your future novel. Who cares that your painting will only get a first wet on wet treatment? You are getting closer to your dream. And that's all that matters.

16. Be someone else

Why not choose to be someone else just for a day? Is there someone you admire so much that you would not mind ending up in their shoes? What it would feel like? What would you wear? What would you eat? Where would you work? What music would you listen to? Where would you go to get inspired?

17. One step you can take today

What would be one tiny step you could take today to your dream future? Have a quick brainstorming session by using pen and paper or a napkin or anything you can draw, write or doodle on. Would getting up earlier help you get closer to your dream self? How about reducing sugar or alcohol intake? Writing for 5 minutes a day? (I use my toilet breaks, yes, don't laugh to write. Beggars cannot be choosers :) )

18. Just smile

I use this tip in pretty much every article that I write. Because it works and because it makes a massive change with many things. If I am not confident enough, I'll smile to disarm the person I am talking to. I'll find something to smile about if I need to shake off my sadness. If my child wants to play with me but I am exhausted, I smile and say: "go and get that book/game, my dear". And by the time she's back, I am ready to play as if I am 5 again.

Smiling is a magical cure for so many ailments. Try it for yourself.


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