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3 Simple Time Management Tips for Chronic Procrastinators

A graphic showing a man lying with clock ticking indicating that he needs time management tips for chronic procrastinators

As a chronic procrastinator, completing a task is a challenge for me. Once the initial excitement of the idea dies down, I come up with a million and one excuses not to do it. I suddenly need to clean my house, change my wardrobe or listen to a podcast.

But as things are not going to do themselves, as I have misplaced my magic wand, I need tools and strategies to help me work on my assignments.

Make Your Goals Time-Bound

Instead of telling myself that I will write this article today or research this subject tomorrow, I need to be a bit more precise. Making all my tasks time-based helps to avoid the trap of procrastinators when I delay and delay the inevitable until the deadline is breathing down my neck its firey breath.

  • I will do my research for 30 minutes.

  • I will clean the house for 15 minutes.

  • I will write this article for 20 minutes.

  • I will edit this article for 30 minutes.

Then, I can plan it into my day and book it in my calendar. You could also use the Pomodoro technique to help yourself complete your tasks.

Celebrate Tiny Wins

You know how often we think we should reward ourselves only once we complete something big and important. It never really works for me. If I work on something long and laborious, I prefer to celebrate my wins and my achievements there and then.

I wrote a few pages of my book - now I can watch something fun.

I am about to start researching a new, challenging subject - I might list what great things I did today or this week.

I do this to boost my self-esteem and confidence. I make myself happy, and as a result, this serves as a good motivator. I am in a good mood, so it's easier for me to concentrate on something difficult or tedious.

Tell Yourself How Great You Are

How often do you hear how great you are? I know I tell my kids how great they are. But unless I tell myself how great I think I am, no one really massages my ego anymore. Alas. It's not something we grown-ups do. Sometimes, it's not part of a culture. In some cultures, in Japan, for instance, it's considered unacceptable to praise anyone.

So, put on your alarm clock if you are as forgetful as I am, and at a certain time every day, tell yourself how great you are. Don't be shy. It might sound silly to begin with, but the more you do it, the more natural it will become. If you want to, write it down. You could do it while looking at yourself in the mirror if you dare.

It's like a gratitude journal but about your greatness. It's all about your talents, achievements, and silly quirks. It's about what makes you, well, you.

Final Thoughts on Time Management Tips for Chronic Procrastinators

To avoid procrastination we, chronic procrastinators, need good time management tips. The trick is to create positive motivation before we start any tasks. It's about making us happy. And the wave of happiness will help us complete anything.

If you need a bit more to push yourself, make sure all your tasks are time-bound - you know exactly how long they will take, even if it's a rough estimate. When you know when boring task will end, you are generally more eager to work on it.


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