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How to Unfreeze: an Active Meditation to Help You Relax Your Muscles

Flash fiction on the importance of regular body stretches.

Active meditation

Once upon a time there was a girl and she was very tense. She was always busy with lots of important responsibilities. Her to-do list was never ending.

But one day she was running around and then suddenly froze. Luckily, she froze right in the middle of a magical forest.

"Oh dear, is there anyone who could help me unfreeze?" She said in a weak voice.

"I will!" And a sudden gust of wind that appeared out of nowhere revealed a tiny green creature.

"Who are you?"

"Well, I am a magical fairy of this forest. And I will help you but only if you promise to learn to relax your body instead of always keeping it tense. It's much healthier when you are relaxed."

The thing was that the magical forest could feel the pain of the girl's body, so it wanted to teach her a lesson and remind her to look after her body. She was very lucky to be in this very forest at that very moment.

"I promise. Please please help me. It is very uncomfortable to be this frozen. I am so very busy." Whispered a barely audible voice.

The fairy touched the girl's shoulder and then blew something sparkly into her face.

"Breath in deeply, and exhale slowly."

Our girl did, and her shoulders dropped.

"Next, do not move your body, but imagine that it is relaxing and stretching and pulling itself towards the sky."

And the girl's limbs became more limber and relaxed and she breathed in, taking as much air as she could. It felt good. She exhaled what felt like all the troubles in the world.

"Now imagine healing energy is running through your body, releasing tension and relaxing every muscle."

The girl did just that, and she didn't even notice how her body unfroze. Then she stretched up and down and bent to one side and then the other, as if pulled by invisible strings.

"I am back." She exclaimed excitedly.

"Of course you are. Never doubt the green forest fairy. And remember to pause and stretch as much as you can during the day. It does not take much time. And if you feel the tension building up again, breathe in slowly and exhale deeply. Do it a few times, then repeat the stretches."

"Thank you, dear Fairy." But the fairy was already gone, leaving behind her a heap of green leaves. And the girl skipped happily through the green magical forest towards her house and her to-do list.


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