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Use Manifestation Technique to Change your Focus

A digital sketch of a girl manifesting or dreaming about a new job, a car and holidays

I love a healthy dose of manifestation. But what comes to your mind when you think of this word? I see someone with lots of empty dreams, someone sitting on the sofa, dreaming dreams but doing nothing about it. Then getting angry that nothing changes in his or her life.

But manifestation is just a term. You could either attach all the bad rep to it, see it as woo-woo, or disregard all the things associated with it and use it to your advantage.

In her book Make it Happen, Jordanna Levin, divides manifestation into 4: thoughts, feelings, actions, faith. The author believes all four need to be followed for your dream to come true. And I agree with her.


By deciding what we want, we shift our focus. Ideally, we write it down. We also write down all the other thoughts that pop to mind when we think about the dream we have.


Then we make sure we have strong feelings about it. Because if the only image that is conjured up when you think about your dream is boredom, well, I'm not a specialist, but I doubt it will come true.


The most important part. If you don't do anything about your dream, it will remain just that: a figment of your imagination. There won't be any difference if you dream it or Elon Musk. The dream will remain unattainable and unachievable unless you take actions towards it.


It's a controversial one because faith as a word means different things to different people. But it's simple. If you don't believe in your dream, who should? Is there a team you would assign believing in your dream to? Tell your kids or parents to believe in your dream? Of course not, it's sounds absurd. But that's exactly what it is. Believe in it, but don't get too attached, as our focus should be on having dreams, not on obsessing about them.


Imagine someone called Jane wants to change her job. She decides that it's time to find something new. She writes it down, including all the conditions she's after, such as remote or office-based, potential responsibilities, etc. Then she imagines how she'd feel at this new job, how positive changes would inspire her to learn and to grow as a professional. She'd then update her CV and speak to her network. Then apply for a few jobs that she likes. Then she'd believe that the right job is out there and she'll find it.

Final Thoughts On Using Manifestation Technique to Change your Focus

Manifestation really is just a tool to change your focus. A tool to help you zoom in on what you want. Focus on how much you want it. Devise an action plan on how to achieve it. And believe in your own dreams, even crazy ones, because they don't have anyone else who'd believe in them.


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