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Increase Your Energy Levels by Awakening Your Senses

Updated: Jan 21

A girl with a shawl; awaken your senses and energy,

Sometimes I feel like getting out of bed should earn me at least a Nobel Prize.

My energy levels are so low that I associate myself with an empty petrol tank of my car stuck on a motorway during rush hour.

And because I am a mum, I cannot just hop on a plane and go travelling to recharge my batteries and get inspired. Humph.

Instead, I push my buggy along the same path of my good old but same-y town.

How inspiring is that?

Not massively.

So what is there for me to do? How do I drag myself out of bed and go through my day? How do I increase my energy levels? Especially on those days then the sky refuses to cheer up and the only sound accompanying you is your child howling?

I top up my energy by awakening my senses, that's how!

But namely, with the little help from light, colour, taste, smell, and touch.


Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived. - Helen Keller

I love everything citrus smelling. To help me get out of bed and start a day on a relatively cheerful note, I smell my grapefruit infused essential oil. It smells divine! It sends that tingling sensation through my body. It excites my senses and feeds my motivation. Now I am ready to leave the warm, soft cacoon that is my bed.

Why don't you find a smell that works magic for you? It might be eucalyptus or rose water, smell of smoke and whiskey. Anything that awakens you and adds a spring to your step.

And then I look forward to enjoying my most favourite smell in the world - the smell of freshly ground coffee.


Touch has a memory. ― John Keats

What's the best way to get rid of the last embraces of the sleep land? You've guessed it - cold shower! I take it only when I need to, as I am a bath person. But nothing refreshes and awakes you better than cold water!

It touches and caresses my skin or gets its claws into my flesh. But it wakes me up better than the most efficient or loud alarm. I am ready to rock-and-roll after a quick dry up with a fluffy towel. My senses are awakened now.

Then I go and hug my toddler, feeling her little warm hands on my cool, slightly damp skin. My day may begin now.

What about you? Do you enjoy warm shower first thing in the morning? Does wearing your favourite night dress does it for you? Or cuddling your pet is the thing you look forward to all night.


Colors are the smiles of nature. —Leigh Hunt

I choose the clothes for the day based on my mood. If I am low on energy, I choose something colourful, vibrant, or plain red. Each colour has a special magic in it. Experiment with it, know your colour and make sure to choose something bright and happy when you are feeling down.

Also, if you surround yourself with colourful objects, you will awaken your senses more quickly. Think Van Gough and his sunflowers - it's an absolute treat for your senses, isn't it? Or a colourful lampshade, bright curtains, upcycled and abundantly painted furniture, anything you could think of.


I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best. ― Oscar Wilde

Whenever I struggle to get out of bed, I make sure I eat my breakfast extra mindfully, tasting every morsel. But first, I choose something special that I can treat my poor exhausted body with. Because nourishing your body helps you nourish your soul.

What about you? What taste or thinking of this taste will help you jump out of bed screaming: I'm up, I'm up! Make sure your favourite food is always available. But don't think sweets are the only things that taste great. Not at all. Sweets taste of sugar.

We need something that is good for your senses and your body, healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, sweet tasting spices like cinnamon, anything else you'd like to add here? More ideas on healthy snack in my other article.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. ― Martin Luther King Jr

My house is like a big bright Christmas tree! It’s because I want as much light illuminating my rooms as possible. The light lits up my mood and boosts my energy. It also makes my day brighter. And it reminds me that there will always be light, even during the darkest and coldest time of the year. As long as there is light and bursting energy in our hearts - we'll find a way to create more light!

Use candle when the day light is not in abundance. Look at it for some time and imagine it taking away all your worries. Let the warm sensation feel you up for the day.

Final Thoughts on Increasing Your Energy Levels by Awakening Your Senses

Our senses are there to help rejuvenate yourself, shake off last drops of sleep and encourage us to live our lives to the fullest.

Our sense of smell tingles and reminds us that the world is a fascinating place, if senses like citrus, coffee, lavender exist.

Touch helps us to feel alive. Either through hugs and cuddles or shower, wearing certain clothes or simply by massaging our own pressure points.

Colour, unless you cannot see some or all, is the most abundant sense stimulation because colour are everywhere. You might say, it's a gloomy day, but pay attention and you will notice shades even within greyest of greys.

Taste is an amazing sense. One minute you are feeling dull, another there is an explosion of taste in your mouth. Try a bit of lime or lemon. Or even imagine having it for a tiny shake up.

Like with colours, light is an amazing cure for a bad mood. When it's dark and days are short, use a candle to bring a bit of light into your day and awaken your senses.

And there you have it. But if you want some ideas on how to have a morning to guarantee a happy day read this article about 17 useful habits for the morning.

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