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A Playful Guide to Help You Spark Your Imagination and Achieve Great Results

Updated: Jan 22

A digital sketch of a girl dreaming or various things and then thinking why not

Sometimes, we are so consumed by day-to-day routine that we forget to dream. The three whimsical ideas to spark your imagination are there to give you a helping hand.

Don't think too seriously about them. Their goal is not to teach or preach but to entertain and ignite.

I hope one of those ideas will help you to turn a simple grey day into something extraordinary.

Use the Power of Ideation Techniques to Spark Imagination

Ideation is used in UX and design thinking to develop as many ideas or solutions to a problem that could later be tested and then implemented.

It might sound like a glorified brainstorming session. And it probably is. But applying a different approach or a lens to your challenge might help you move away from that ‘dead-end’.

Come up with as many ideas and solutions to your problem. Which two solutions would you choose to be tried and tested?

Once I heavily procrastinated when I needed to clean my house. I came up with 13 ways to do it. I then chose 2 to try out: clean during TV breaks and clean for a timed 15 minutes a day. I am thrilled to report that both ideas have passed my prototype and test phase and are now happily implemented within my weekly cleaning routine.

Step into the Spotlight as a Special Guest on an Imaginary Podcast

Choose a podcast and pretend they have invited you to speak as a guest. Write about why you’d be an ideal guest. What makes you special? Then return the favour and tell the interviewer why you chose them, why you wanted to be on this podcast.

How would you introduce yourself and your project? Would you start with a joke to break the ice? Would you list all your accomplishments? Have a play, and you’d be surprised how motivated you will feel afterwards.

Hone Your Creativity with the Art of Crafting Imaginary Acceptance Speeches

Imagine your project/task/product has won you an award. Imagine you won an Oscar, because why not?

Write your acceptance speech. What would you say? Who would you say thank you to? What else would you like to mention?

Now find a mirror or a pet and read your speech out loud. Give yourself that Oscar. It might be chocolate — because a reward is still a reward.

You sure thing should feel motivated after this fun endeavour. But if not, you would have at least had some fun, exercised your body, honed your focus and improved your reading comprehension. Because that’s what reading out loud is all about.

Final Thoughts

Sparking our imagination and helping it achieve great results is not that difficult. Get inspired by random things. Imagine yourself as a star, as a famous podcaster, or someone you know and admire. Unleash the power of your subconscious. Imagine it, get excited about turning it into reality and go get it, tiger!


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