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Fairy Tale: Daydreams and blossom dew

Updated: Jan 5

Once upon a time there was a brown-eyed fairy who lived in a magical forest that produced the best blossom dew in the whole fairy kingdom. She taught music to fairy children and they were busy rehearsing a special song. But she dreamt of becoming a dancer.

An image of fairies within heart shaped decoration illustrating the main heroes of the fairy tale - fairies

She imagined herself dancing the special midnight dance in the middle of the forest, lit up by the moonlight only. Dancing from tree branch to tree branch, from flower to flower in a sequence of elaborate pirouettes. She was dreaming about it during her lessons. She was dreaming about it on her way home.

The blossom dew of this area was so popular and so tasty that it attracted crowds to the forest from far and wide, making it a fun and buzzing place to live in. In the morning, if you were lucky, you could stumble upon fairy singers or performers fluttering their shiny wings while admiring the blossoms. In the evening fairy wizards entertained the crowds with magical blossom dew picking competitions. Many young fairy ladies would flock around trying to attract wizards’ attention by fluttering their wings and leaving shimmering light behind them.

But our fairy did not have time to see the performers or admire the wizards. She was too busy dreaming about becoming a dancer.

Once a year the forest attracted even more visitors during the blossom dew harvest festival. It was such a special occasion that everyone in the kingdom wore their best clothes and gathered in the forest opening for group singing, dancing, dew drinking and general frolicking. And this year was even more special - once every ten years the fairy queen would grant wishes if they came from the heart. 

The festival was fast approaching. But our fairy was too busy to notice the preparations and excited faces of her fairy colleagues. She did not notice wizards decorating the forest opening with shooting starts and moonlight. She did not glance at her fairy children performing their special song. But most importantly she did not notice when the royal guards announced the wish granting ceremony. She did not join those with heartfelt wishes flying towards the queen and forming a line. The brown-eyed fairy just stood there dreaming. 

"Miss Brown-Eyed?" She’s heard a weak voice coming from somewhere below.

"What is it, Sam?" Her voice sounded impatient because it was one of her pupils pulling at her fairy skirt.

"The queen, she is about to start granting wishes..." He started cautiously glancing at his teacher. "Your dream. You want to be a great dancer... why don’t you ask her..." Two curious eye darted toward his feet, two plump cheeks turned crimson red.

"I...ummm...I think." All she could say in reply.

"It is your truest wish, I know it is, so it will be granted." The boy got a bit more brave and flew up to be the eye level with his teacher. "Your sense of rhythm is so cool, we always chat about it with my friends," he babbled, "and your music choice is the best. You will make a great midnight dancer, I know it!" His face lit up with admiration. His whole little body was shining brighter than the shooting stars above their heads.

"Oh... I don’t know... you think so?" A ray of hope in her voice.

"Yes! Fly fast though, they are about to close the queue!"

The brown-eyed fairy glanced to where other fairy folk were gathering around the queen. The fairy guards were handing bright red ribbons to each wish-maker. A few more moments and the line would close for another ten years.  She flew towards them with the speed she didn’t know her tiny wings could produce.

And suddenl, she noticed the beauty of her forest - the decorations, the laughing and dancing fairy people underneath her feet. She could finally smell the freshest blossom dew. She made it to the queue as the guard was about to declare the end of it.

"I am here, I am here," she exclaimed breathing heavily, "I am ready to make my wish!"

The next year the annual blossom dew festival was treated to the best performance of the century: the most beautiful midnight dancer produced her gentle and magical dance in front of the amazed fairy crowd. People talked about this performance for years to come. Only to think that it might have never happened if it was not for the timely advice of a little boy.

We all daydream, but don't forget to act on it.


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