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A Few Important Lessons The Moon Taught Me Last Night

Updated: Jan 5

A fairy tale on the importance of gratitude.

A photo of a person looking at the moon

She wasn’t having a good day. Things she tried to do would come to nothing. She broke her favourite mug, lost the car keys and had to go to work by public transport. She was late to arrive at the office, which allowed Ms Tumbles to reprimand her. And then she spilt coffee onto her favourite blouse just before the meeting was due to start!

On the way home she met so many unpleasant, angry and grumpy people. She made it back as dark as the most thunderous cloud. The evening was ruined for sure. Tomorrow was the weekend, and she did not look forward to it. What was there to look forward to? No boyfriend to write home about. And all her friends were in solid relationships or had kids or both.

She decided that everyone in the world is against her. There was nothing good that could happen. With every passing minute, she was getting more and more dissatisfied, angry and upset. She went to bed in the ugliest of moods as just before calling it a day she managed to argue with her mom on the phone. And all because her mom was in a good mood. How could anyone dare to have a good day when she’s upset?!

She woke up in the middle of the night because someone was tugging at her duvet.

- What on earth! - She exclaimed.   It was not a usual occurrence as she lived all by herself.

When she opened her eyes, she could see the most stunning and exquisite looking lady sitting on the side of her bed. One slender leg neatly crossed over the other and hands folded on her lap.

- Who are you? — she stammered.

- Oh, hi! You are awake!

- Well, of course, I am! A stranger in my room! I am more than awake!

- I’m not a stranger, not really, you’ve known me all your life. You see — I am the Moon.  - the Moon replied matter-of-factly.

- What?

- Well, yes. I’ve been watching you for a while, young lady. What on earth you yesterday’s mood was all about? Tut-tut. Your negativity reached me and made me leave my bed earlier than I wanted to! But I need my beauty sleep, for when the sun glimpses at me first thing in the morning - I need to look gorgeous! I cannot allow myself to look all puffy-eyed and covered by clouds, you know.

- What? -She said in bewilderment.

- Your negative mood spoilt my afternoon nap!  -  the Moon replied calmly.

- I… she started but halted, not knowing what to say.

- Please stop this silly business or I’ll have no choice but ask my good friend Morpheus not to visit you for some time. You know, as a bit of revenge. -The Moon’s eyes glistened with mischief.-How would you like to lose sleep for days or even weeks?

- No, no! I remember I had insomnia last August; it was unpleasant!-She exclaimed

- Yes, exactly! - the Moon replied with a satisfied grin.

-But how can I be in a better mood if everyone around me is angry and things break and coffee spills! -She explained in tears.

- Well, well, yes, of course. But you see it all wrong! If you concentrate on negativity — negativity is all you see. Let me let you in on a secret — negativity and positivity are the same things. Or part of the same thing, my cousin, actually. And he is such a naughty brat! He’s made of magnets! - the Moon finished her speech triumphantly.

- Magnets?

- Yes! Negativity attracts negativity. Because like attracts like, correct? But if you refuse to think negative thoughts and think about something positive instead — positivity will rush towards you! Or at least it won’t make his negative side bigger and fatter. I prefer his other side any day! But he does not care. Any energy is food for him. But I’d prefer to see his positive side inflated, ok? Because that is I that have to stare at it all night! - and the Moon turned her beautiful face away as if in protest.

- It makes little sense, Ms Moon, I think what you are saying is silly.

- Oh, really, ok, then. Insomnia it is.

- Bye! -And she disappeared into thin air.

She was lying in bed, tossing and turning. It wasn’t even midnight yet. The entire night without sleep did not seem like a good idea, but then again, tomorrow is a day off, she’ll sleep in.

She remembered the day when she slept in as a child, and her parents would bring her tea and croissants. She started feeling so guilty about the way she treated mom earlier on.

Something in her heart gave in, and she started crying quietly. She felt grateful that she had her parents.

As her thoughts continued pouring in, she realised how happy she was. She was grateful to have her job. And suddenly she realised how sorry she felt for Ms Tumbles for always looking for bad things in others.

She didn’t even notice how she fell asleep.

The next morning she woke up feeling happy and excited for the new day ahead, for all the things she could do. She jumped out of bed and opened the curtains. The sun was out, and the pale silhouette of the moon was still clearly visible in the morning sky. She stretched her arms wide, smiled and said:

-Thank you for your help, Ms Moon.

And she could have sworn that the Moon winked back at her.


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